How to clean your finger nails

How to clean your finger nails

Interested in lots of original nail-cleaning tips? Whether or not you wish to accomplish a quick cleaning regime or locate additional detailed deep-cleaning recipes, we’ve received you dealt with. Get those fingernails seeking bright, shiny, and robust again.

1.Clean up dirt from under your current nails.

Making use of the tip of the nail pick on a pair of clippers, clean underneath your current fingernails to remove dirt along with built-up grime. Do this in the bathroom, under beneficial light, hence you might be able to see your current nails clearly.

*In generally, it can be better to clean the grime from underneath your current fingernails or toenails prior to when you wash your hands in place of after. The drier the better.
*Avoid using a pencil to clean these people out, while the lead may cause the institutions to appearance dirtier.

2.Rinse your own hands.

Utilize a mild, organic soap and wash your own hands under warm water. You don’t need to focus on your own nails particularly, merely rinse your hands.

*It is normally better to use mild soap as well as rinse your own hands more regularly. Powerful, harsh paraben-based soap will make fingernails brittle, as well as alcohol-based give sanitizers likewise diminish fingernails. Attempt a fingernail-specific soap, akin to OrigiNails Bubble White colored.

3.Soak your claws in a bowl of warm, soapy drinking water for about three mins.

Submerge the really tips of your fingers, not your entire hands, under the water as well as permit them to soften moderately. Ensure the water is just not too lukewarm or scalding very hot, yet a comfortable high temperature in a place in between.
Soaking nails help to make them gentle and more pliable, rendering it much less likely that you’ll chip or perhaps holiday a toenail in the course of the cleansing process.

4.Exhaust a finger nail or toe nail brush to scrub the clothes.

After soaking, clean up the right fingernail or toenails painful, but all over, including underneath the right nails. When you’re finished, pat your arms dry.
If you don’t have a brush for cleaning your fingernails or toenails, apply a clear toothbrush specifically for the goal.

5.Get rid of nail polish, if necessary.

Apply a strengthening capture polish remover and cotton balls or wipes, and wet it with the enamel remover. Scrub your claws firmly to strip the nail polish remaining on your nails, starting from the cuticle of the nail and running to get closer to the fingertip, not forgetting to do the ends. Evaluation a claws afterwards for any more capture enamel, and delete it when perhaps necessary.
The remover should not damp thoroughly by itself, and you can sometimes keep a tissue or not damp cotton ball in the area to help scrub after applying the damp egyptian cotton ball, as well.

6.Cleanse a hands for a second time.

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Mirror decoration

Mirror decoration 

today i am gonna show you how to decorate your own mirror with wrapping papers. its very easy and you can do it within 10 to 15 minutes. let’s start.


first you need these things 

  1. pair of sissor
  2. wrapping  paper
  3.  white framed mirror
  4.  bluetag
  5. binding glue
1st step

take a wrapping paper and cut the butterflies from it. special note is you need to cut it using various sizeses beacuse you can made it very nice and cute decoration


2nd step

then you can attched that butterfies into your mirror and out side in the mirror like shown below

everyinfor   This is mirror with inside and outside decorations everyinfor

This is outside decorations

How to gain your weight in 7 days

How to gain your weight in 7 days


why ?

A grown-up person may be underweight for a number of reasons, including illness, stress, medication, or simply meticulous weight loss, but maintaining a healthy weight is essential in ensuring harsh bones and muscles and the successful functioning of the physical body. To add pounds healthily, it can be important do not purely fill the importance of the diet with good-for-nothing foods as far as they contain inundated excess flab that lead to sluggishness, build flabby body weight, and in addition magnify risk of coronary disease. This 7-day diet plan bears all the health supplements, minerals, and even unsaturated ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ fats you need to put on weight in a happy way.

  1. Use up yet another 450 calories per day. Adding another 450 extra calories to your diet plan each day could lead to a weight gain of 1/2 kg, or a little bit over a lb, each week. This could not seem as if a lot, still consuming too many added calories per day could be unsafe to your body.


2.Ingest and enjoy continuously. If you want to gain weight instantly, you should have an overall of six instances a day. Consume early meal, lunch, as well as dinner, and get pleasure from a snack after every meal.


3.Increase your facet size. An alternate school of notion can be to skip the snacking and simply increase your aspect varieties at each feast. This can be done by adding another course to each feast or else by coming back for seconds despite the fact that you sense content with the amount of meal you have already eaten.


4.Experience a midnight bite. If you have been looking to lose weight, you would be advised to avoid eating past 7:00 pm. When you are trying to put on pounds, though, the converse is true. Ingesting a late meal or having a snack immediately before you go to bed clothes is a good way to give your body kilo-calories that it will be able to not find a way to readily burn off.


5.Drink more of the dish. Liquids could fill you up, but they are still less filling than solid foodstuff. The best way to gain weight fast should be to pile on calories by drinking high-calorie drinks in between meals.


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How to create a Nail Art

How to create a Nail Art 

Today i am gonna show you how to make a moon design  nail art using only nail polish. This is very easy and cool way to make your own nail art. follow this simple steps to create this nail art.


steps to create this nail art 

  1. clean your nails using water and soap and dry it. for best results wash it lightly.
  2. you can use 2 colors for for highlight the nail art like this picture. one is light color and another one is dark color.
  3. apply dark nail polish(black) on your dry nail and keep it dry
  4. then draw a moon with light nail polish (white) using nail art brush

now your nail art complete. for best result use a top coat for shine and protect your nail art.

How to make cheese macaroni

How to make cheese macaroni 


  • 250 g macaroni
  • 150 g¬†Chicken meat
  • 180 ml fresh milk
  • 200 g cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup water
  • 3tb coconut oil
  • 1tb black pepper
  • 1tb salt
  • 2,3 curry leaves
  • 1tb ginger (chopped)
  • 1tb garlic¬†(chopped)
  • 1 small onion ¬†(chopped)


boiling macaroni 

Take water to a large bowl and heat the water until 100¬įC . after boiling water add macaroni to the bowl when it is on the heat. after cooking macaroni brew from water and keep inside to cool.

making cheese mixture 

heat a pan and add coconut oil into the pan. then add curry leaves, garlic, ginger, onion respectively. then after they comes golden brown color add small pieces of chicken meat. after cooked that add fresh milk. then add 1 cup of water.

making final dish

then add macaroni into the cheese mixture pan and mix it well. next add  cheddar cheese and keep it light heat 5 -10 min and  add pepper and salt. after that mix it well.


use a big plate to save  macaroni and use curry leaves to garnish the dish.

preparation time: 30 min

saving for: 3-4 person

special note 
  1. when cooking macaroni use more heat and add little bit salt
  2. after brew macaroni wash macaroni with cool water
  3. for more taste eat with egg omelette